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Multi Knife, the Ultimate Vegetable cutter.

  • Cut, Slice,Dice,Chop all vegetables Including Potatoes and Onions, using the same knives & setting !
  • Matchless Performance! Cut with 7 or 11 knives in 3 seconds flat any vegetable.
  • There are 3 Models available as described in SHOP page in Menu.
Multi knife vegetable cutters- 7 knife/11knife/ Jumbo 11 knife models

Video of Multi knife vegetable cutter Cutting Bunches of Okra.


  • I felt the need to develop a new manual vegetable cutter as the existing vegetable cutters in the market could not meet the common vegetable cutting tasks, which are : slicing and dicing whole Potatoes and Onions and cutting to pieces bunches of green vegetables like Okra.


  • Multi Knife cutter has 7 / 11 knives mounted on a Fulcrum in 2 levels . The Knives along with the specially designed SS guides turn the cutter into a very efficient mechanism to cut all kinds of Vegetables  both whole or Greens  into slices in a single cut. This is done within seconds  and with a lever advantage!
  • You can see in the video above, four bunches of Okra being cut in 30 seconds. It is amazing how a tedious task is turned into a zip through task by Multi knife vegetable cutter. No other Vegetable cutter can match  this performance!  It is a must have in every kitchen!!! This is the only place you can buy it !
  • In the Video below you can watch a whole Potato turned into potato fingers in only 2 cuts, in  only 30 seconds. It is amazing!

Click here to go to SHOP page for buying the Multi knife cutter. You can choose from any of the 3 Models. < BUY NOW >

Video : 11 K model Multi knife cutter, cutting Whole Potato into fingers in only two cuts, in 30 seconds!

Why the Multi knife cutter costs more and why it is worth it ?

  • It is not fair to compare the Price of Multi knife cutter with Grid cutters . Multi knife cutter is much more capable and versatile.
  • It costs more as it has additional components and SS material for 70 percent of the weight of Multi knife cutter. The new components are the SS guides and the Hardened SS knives. The Multi knife cutter is 3 times heavier than the Grid cutter !
  • It pays back much more than its cost by its long life and ability to cut much beyond the capacity of Grid cutters.
  • Above all the Multi knife cutter eliminates Daily Drudgery from Vegetable cutting and makes it easy to put back vegetables in your Diet. It is a must in all kitchens. No more struggling with cheap cutters which do not cut the Potatoes and Onions.

To Buy the 7 knife model/ 11 knife model / vegetable cutters visit the < Shop > page.

Contact Details : B.Gopinath. PH: 9989297642. Email :  

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“”””Manoj Mano  4 months ago
Superb sir , I just bought and used your cutter it was really good”””

  The above is a comment on my you tube video titled “Demo In Ottawa “
You can see this video and comment in my YouTube channel “baddepudi gopinath”

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