Cutting Vegetables Easy and Fast. Vegetable cutter MK 7, MK11.

Cut vegetables Easy and Fast with “Vegetable cutter, MK 7 or MK 11.”


I am Gopinath.B, a retired mechanical engineer from Hyderabad, India with   Steel Rolling industry experience.The MK vegetable cutter is my Invention.

“The MK vegetable cutter” is a truly versatile cutter. It can do all the following  tasks easily.

French fries cutter……Okra cutter…..Vegetable chopper…Onion cutter….Vegetable slicer.

It can cut Bunches of  green vegetables including Chillies to pieces in a single cut instead of several cuts. It can also slice, cut to fingers and Fingers to pieces, Potatoes, Onions etc very quickly using multiple knives with lever advantage.

Background of Invention of MK Vegetable cutter.

Let us talk about Daily vegetable cutting tasks and how to make it Easy and Fast !

The most common tasks are cutting green vegetables like Okra,Beans…

Root vegetables like Potato and Onion etc to small pieces. This involves lot of repetitive cutting with normal kitchen knife. It is a time taking and painful task. Most people who do this job are always looking for a way out to do this job easily using a Gadget.

I also felt the painful and time consuming nature of daily vegetable cutting when I had to Cook  for a few days in the absence of my life partner. I tried some of the gadgets in the market  like  the Grid type cutter and the mandolin type cutter. They were woefully inadequate for Cutting bunches of Okra , Whole potatoes or Onions.

That was when I made up my mind to do something to reduce the pain of all men/women who have to Cook food which involves Vegetable cutting!

Why MK Vegetable cutter is superior and no cutter can match It ?

The result was the MK Vegetable cutter after 5 years of hardwork. It was possible as I was a mechanical engineer with decades of experience in manufacturing machinery.

I have made a sincere effort to eliminate all the problems in the existing vegetable cutters like vegetable sliding , lack of lever advantage, breakage  of handles, short life etc.

I also built many prototypes and tested them to eliminate the flaws. The final MK vegetable cutter is a robust product which can cut all types of vegetables easily and fast. It has many advantages over other cutters. Some of them are listed below.

  • Arranging the multiple knives in two levels with the knife spacing being twice of the cutpiece size of 7 mm.This results in reducing the cutting load by 4 times.
  • The location of the Fulcrum, vegetable enclosure and the handle length is so designed to give a lever advantage of 3.This results in further reduction of cutting loads.
  • The vegetable sliding is eliminated by providing a solid vegetable enclosure close to the Fulcrum. This also enables cutting of Vegetables even from vertical position of knives resulting in high lever advantage.
  • The cutter is built for long life and easy maintenance of knife edges.There are many other unique features which can be seen on other pages of the website
  • The MK vegetable cutter can be bought online at
  • A Sale is on now! Prices are slashed by 18 % for a limited period. A rare opportunity to buy a vegetable cutter which is much superior and a great time saver.

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