Advantages of the new  Multi knife vegetable cutter in comparison to existing vegetable cutters like the Grid type and Scissors type.

Multi knife vegetable cutter is specially designed to eliminate the deficiencies  of Grid type cutters  to perform the most common vegetable cutting tasks in kitchens, like slicing Potatoes ,Onions and bunches of green vegetables like Okra and Beans.

  1. The cutting starts even from the starting vertical position of knives,without sliding of vegetable. This feature enables Potato and Onion slicing.
  2. The device has a mechanical advantage of 5. The load centre is 50 to 60 mm from the Fulcrum  and the knife handle is 300 mm from the Fulcrum. This feature is not possible in Grid type or Scissors type cutters.
  3.  The fulcrum is made of steel. The knives themselves act as levers which is a unique feature. As the knife cum levers are also of stainless steel there is no fear of failure. The plastic levers of Grid type cutters break when Potatoes are cut !
  4.  There is big choice in choosing the number of knives for cutting. One can choose the top assembly or bottom assembly or both assemblies for cutting . The width of cut pieces varies based on the assemblies chosen. In addition there is a single knife option for special jobs like cutting pieces/slices thinner than 7 mm and potato wafer cutting.
  5. Versatility : The device can slice whole vegetables like potatoes, turn all the slices to fingers in one cut, cut bunches of Beans or Okra into neat pieces in one cut. All the above functions are possible without changing any knives. Each cut takes only 3 Seconds!
  6. The knife assemblies are in two levels and in each level the knives occupy alternate slots between guides. These features greatly reduce cutting loads and minimize knife bending on load while cutting vegetables like whole potatoes.
  7. The knife edges last long as they do not hit the board at the end of cut.They are free!
  8. The Multi knife cutter knife edges can be sharpened in location using a Diamond file. The Cleaning of Knives after use is also simple using running water.
  9. It is built strong with quality components and hence has long life.
  10. The ability to cut simultaneously with 7/11 knives saves lot of time. The lever advantage saves labour . Both together turn daily vegetable cutting from Drudgery to an Easy task.Many people find the daily vegetable cutting a tough and tiresome job . Multi knife cutter will give great relief!
  11. Each cut takes only 3 seconds. 15 to 20 kgs of vegetables can be cut per hour without pain.
  12. The cutter can accommodate Okra/Beans longer than the enclosure for cutting. This saves time.
  13. The safety is better in this  cutter compared to normal cutting with single knife as all the knives are enclosed in Stainless steel round guides faraway from the fingers
  14. It can be used for chopping of chillies and onions by repeating the last cut without taking out the vegetables.
  15. Using only the first knife of the top assembly, the cutter can be used for cutting thin slices of onions or potatoes.
  16. The Jumbo model 11 knife cutter is good for Caterers and Hostel kitchens as it increases production greatly.

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