Multi knife vegetable cutters- 7 knife/11knife/ Jumbo 11 knife models

From experience, I can say with confidence that there are serious problems with the manual vegetable cutters in the market today. They do not meet the most common needs of daily vegetable cutting like:                                                                                          

  • Slicing of whole potatoes/ onions in a single cut
  • Cutting to small pieces, a bunch of OKRA/Beans/Other greens in a single cut

The Grid type cutter is designed to cut  10/12 mm slices of vegetables into cube type pieces with a cutting element which has thin steel strips in a grid held by a plastic frame. The levers are of plastic. If you try to slice whole Potato of 50 mm height or an Onion of 30 mm height, they slide away from the fulcrum, the lever bends in trying to cut and finally breaks. It is not designed for slicing whole vegetables. I have physically tested this fact. It cannot slice a bunch of OKRA as the grid makes a cut in two directions on the Okra which is not desirable. It needs only cut across the width and not the length of Okra.

The Mandolin cutter is designed to cut single slices from Onions or Potatoes. It cannot slice a whole Potato  or Onion in a single cut. It is also not designed to slice bunches of Okra in a single cut. The okra is not rigid. It bends on load and hence the cut will not be smooth.

The traditional utility knife cutting is the only choice for millions of people daily in the mornings for vegetable cutting. Most people avoid electrical cutters as there is no control  on the size and shape of the cut pieces, the complexities of changing the cutters and the time taken in cleaning all the parts after cutting.

As is well known the single knife cutting is tedious, repetitive, time consuming and can be classified as Drudgery. As a result many people avoid vegetables altogether to escape the drudgery. It is well known that vegetables are an important element of Daily nutrition due to vitamins, minerals and Fibre. And also they provide satiation with minimum calories. All this is lost as there is no good manual vegetable cutter to perform the daily vegetable cutting tasks with minimum time and labor.

Convinced with the need for a good vegetable cutter, I put in lot of efforts to invent, build prototypes and manufactured  a  functioning Multi knife vegetable cutter. It has eliminated all the problems in Grid type and mandolin type cutters using innovative design and new elements. It enables anybody to cut  vegetables with 7 or 11 knives at a time with minimum effort, again made possible due to innovative construction.

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It cannot compete with Grid cutters in price. It costs more as it has more components and SS material for70 percent of the weight of cutter. I request customers not to compare the price with cheap cutters which cannot match the performance.

It is a onetime investment for years of service , available for the first time anywhere in the world due to my efforts! Above all the Multi knife cutter eliminates Drudgery from Vegetable cutting and makes it easy to put back vegetables in your Diet. It is a must in all kitchens.

It also makes life easy for all caterers, hostel kitchens, Curry points etc as they need to cut lot of vegetables daily. They can save a lot on labor costs and Time.

The multi knife cutter takes only 3 seconds to make 11 cuts in a Potato/onion or a bunch of Bhendi !!! Single knife  takes 30 seconds for 11 cuts. Just imagine the time and effort saved. It is Incredible !

Last but not least Multi knife cutter is safer than single knife cutting, where the fingers are close to the knife with the ever present danger of cutting the finger. In Multi knife the fingers are nowhere near the knives which are fully inside th SS guides!!

Safety, saving time, saving labor, getting rid of Drudgery, ease of maintenance, long life,  the first cutter in the world to cut Potatoes/Onions/Greens effectively without problems— are all features not available elsewhere.

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