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Multi knife cutter and parts

The Multi knife vegetable cutter consists of the support frame, the SS rod guides and the two knife assemblies mounted on a fulcrum on the support frame. All these parts can be seen in the  picture.The SS rods form the enclosure for the vegetables and also serve as a base for keeping the vegetables

Cutting procedure : The cutter is placed on a counter or platform in a position such that the handles can be easily pressed down for cutting the vegetables. Knives are kept leaning back on the top frame  support  for starting the  cutting.

The vegetables are placed in the enclosure   across the base, the extra length ( in case of Okra and beans) resting on the extension table.   Press the handles down holding them  in the palm at  the top on to the vegetables . Pressing from the top is much more effective than pulling from  the bottom of the handles. The knife assemblies move in a pivot fashion on the fulcrum and come to rest on the end stop after slicing through all the vegetables in their path.The Multi knife has a unique feature in the Knives. They do not hit any board at the end of the cut like in normal cutting. This gives long life to the Knives ! The cut pieces  are free from the knives. They can be removed by just  tilting the Cutter or by pushing out. Now the knives are taken back to the start position for the next cut. The knives are all inside the guides and are quite safe for cutting.

Maximum sizes of different types of vegetables  for proper cutting. Cutting  vegetables with multiple knives  means  relatively higher loads than single knife cutting. Hence it is important  to Fix  the size of the different vegetables  so that  the cutter is not overloaded and cause problems. In general Green vegetables are easier to cut with less load. Whole Potatoes are harder  and have a bigger cross section. Hence the loads are higher than greens. Carrots   are harder than potatoes resulting in higher loads compared to potatoes. Onions and Beetroot  are the hardest  and hence offer highest resistance for cutting with multiple knives.

Maximum size for different vegetables is given below in the table.


Vegetable  type Standard cutter. Height in  mm  of vegetable Jumbo cutter..height in mm of vegetable
Potato 50  ( ht vertical) 75 ( ht vertical)
Onion/ Beetroot 25 35/40
Carrot 50 ( height vertical) 75 ( height vertical)
Beans/Bhendi(Okra) 10/12 nos ( 100 gm) 12 to 15  nos ( 150 gm)


Other precautions : All round vegetables  like Potatoes and onions need  preparation. If they are bigger than recommended size, cut them to size. Round surface at top and bottom is to be made flat by cutting  off a small piece so that they sit properly on the base.

DEMO videos. You can see   the cutting of different vegetables in my YouTube channel. Go to Youtube and type Baddepudi Gopinath in the search box. You get access to many demo videos of Multi knife.

The first cut of whole vegetables offers higher resistance for cutting  as the section is big and solid. Hence it is recommended to adopt two stage cutting for the first cut to minimize the cutting loads.

TWO STEP CUTTING : for this press down both top and bottom knives till both of them  just enter the potato. Stop the cutting for a moment. Now complete the bottom knife cut and then the top knife cut! This reduces  the loads greatly. This should be adopted in all cases where the loads are high.


Cutting potato fingers and 7 mm cubes : First cut  of whole Potato gives slices. Take out all the slices by hand, raise the knives to start position, put back the slices in the enclosure turning them by 90 degrees. Make a second cut. This turns the slices into fingers,which are  ready to be taken out. A third cut with the potato fingers placed horizontal  in the enclosure, gives small cubes of Potato.

Tomatoes are elastic and will get squashed when cutting with multiple knives ! Leafy vegetables can be cut. Green chillies alo can be cut.

Jumbo model : The handles of Jumbo model are much longer and the enclosure is also bigger. This enables it to cut a higher quantity of vegetable  every time. The quantities are given the above table.

Different Cutting methods for all models : 1.Two step cutting to be employed  whenever the cutting seems difficult due to high loads and bigger quantity.

2.Using different combination of knives : using all knives  at a time gives 7 mm pieces. Keeping top knives vertical and using only Bottom knives gives 14 mm pieces, which is required in some cases.

3.Only top knives can be used for cutting keeping the bottom knives at base. This makes the enclosure big. Even a 3  inch Dia and 3 inch long  slice of Lauki ( Gourd) can be cut to 14 mm pieces in one cut.

4.You can also use the cutter like single knife but with fulcrum and precision to cut slices less than 7 mm. This is useful for onion slices of 2 or 3 mm for Salads. Keep the Onion so that it projects only 2 or 3 mm beyond the  bottom first knife. Now cut with bottom assembly ONLY to get thin slice with minimum effort as you have lever advantage and the knife moving in a fixed path. In ordinary cutting, effort required is much more and the knife does not move in one plane.

You can use this technique to cut slices of any vegetable like carrot, potato, onion etc into 1, 2 or 3 mm thick strips.

  1. Cutting pieces smaller than 7 mm size. This is sometimes required for Tindora( Donda), onion etc. Take out the 7 mm pieces in hand, lift the knives and put the pieces back in enclosure. Making one more cut makes the pieces smaller. This can be used for chopping any vegetable to small pieces.

Avoid overloading which can result in Knife jamming and damage the Cutter !

Cleaning : use running water and a 12 mm flat brush sold in stationary stores . Avoid touching knives with fingers for cleaning .

Edge sharpening : This can be done using  a small diamond file. All the knives are accessible from the top position or bottom position of the  knives ,  for filing the edge. A few strokes with the file on the edge is enough. This is required after long intervals as the edges don’t hit the board every time a  cut  is made, like in the normal vegetable  cutting!

The Multi knife is truly versatile. Many customers are using it for more than 2 years without problems.

It is reliable, cuts without problems, long lasting . It takes out the drudgery from Daily vegetable cutting.

There are many unique features in this vegetable cutter . The Multi knife has a high lever advantage resulting from holding the vegetables without sliding, very close to the fulcrum and a bigger effort arm. This is the only cutter which cuts even from a vertical position of knives.

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