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Description Common to all 3 models of Multi knife vegetable cutters, 7K/11K/

  • Knives arranged in two levels on a single fulcrum/
  • the knives can be used only with bottom group or only with top group or both together,
  • The knives along with SS guides and the fulcrum form an excellent new mechanism to cut the vegetables even from vertical position of knives, giving high lever advantage and minimum effort required,
  • The cutter takes only 4/5 seconds for each cut with multiple knives , eliminating the repetitive cuts in normal vegetable cutting. This brings great relief to those who need to cut vegetables daily
  • The multi knife is built with a large percentage of SS parts like Knives and SS guides and has long service life. Hence it costs more than the cheap plastic cutters which neither perform in tough jobs nor last!

Model 1 : Multi Knife Vegetable Cutter 7 K , Description.

  • The Price Details : Rs 800 + GST 144 + Courier Rs 250. Total Revised Price. Rs 1050.
  • It can cut green vegetables, Potatoes,Onions etc.
  • The enclosure is 70 mm wide.It takes two cuts to cut Okra/Bhendi longer than 70 mm
  • It is the basic entry level model and costs less than other two models. It has all the functionalities of 11 knife cutter.

Model 2 : Multi Knife Vegetable cutter ,11K. Description

  • The Price Details : Rs 1200 + GST 218 + Courier Rs 250. Total Revised price.Rs.1450.
  • The Multi knife cutter 11 K, has 100 mm width enclosure and can handle more vegetables per cut.
  • A bunch of Beans OR Okra can be cut in a single cut with 11K model. With 7 K cutter it takes two cuts.IT saves more time than 7 Knife cutter.
  • It can cut a whole Potato or Onion to slices in a Single Cut, in 5 seconds.These are the most common daily jobs in kitchen .


Jumbo cutter is out of Stock.

  • The Price Details : Rs 1600 + GST 288 + Courier Rs 250. Total Rs. 2138. Revised Price . Rs.1850 .                         
  • The Multi knife cutter 11 K Jumbo, has 11 proper hardened knives in two levels,
  • The Jumbo model has two  vegetable enclosures and a longer base  than the  other two models.
  • This increases the cutting capacity of the Multi knife cutter. It can cut 30 to 40 kg of Green vegetables or Potatoes/Onions per hour. It can also cut green chillies, leafy vegetables, Tomatoes.
  • The cutting stroke is 180 degrees as compared to 90 degrees in other models. You can load approximately 125 gm greens in each enclosure. Which means one can cut 250 gm vegetables in every cut. No other manual cutter can match this performance .
  • Thismodel is  to meet the needs of small commercial establishments like Caterers , Hostels and Curry points. Some pickle makers are also using the cutter successfully. They can cut lot more vegetables in a shorter time with minimum investment!
  • Individuals also can buy and  use it to save more time in vegetable cutting !
  • Watch the video here to see the amazing cutter in action !! Click on the Link below.

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